It Takes a Village

There are many people who helped Sew Teach Me™ become a reality: the Sew Teach Me™  board, the staff at QuiltWorks and the many contributors to our fundraisers. When we started we had wonderful mentors, donors and students who knew they were the “guinea pigs”, to help us develop the best ways to make the program successful.

The Sew Teach Me™ board is a group of committed and dedicated women. We worked hard and well together, always looking ahead to what we had to do to make a program successful for organizers, donors, mentors and children.


Sew Teach Me™ Board

Marilyn Forestell

Patti Stewart

Jean Wilkinson

Bev Henneous

Suzanne Martin

Nikki Cooper

The QuiltWorks staff supported my work on the Sew Teach Me™ organization, in hundreds of ways. My thanks and gratitude to these women cannot be put into words. They also want to see the Sew Teach Me™ program be successful and one that gives our next generation an opportunity to learn to sew.

QuiltWorks Staff

Karen Wallace

Vickie Minor

Karen Dougan

Dawn Williams

Cathy Wambaugh

Diane Ottenfeld