Team Information

Today’s students are not learning to sew and we need to change that!  Schools rarely teach students how to sew and many parents of school age children never learned how to sew.  However, there are many people who sew and quilt, having learned when they were young.  As adults, they love to sew and want to share their knowledge with young students.

“It takes a village” and that is what makes STM successful.  The village/community can be any group of adults or an organization committed to providing continuity to an education program so kids can learn to sew for free.

From inception, the goal of STM has been to create a program that could be replicated easily by other quilt or sewing machine shops, churches or any volunteer organization with continuity.  The origins of STM are in Bend, Oregon where a group of committed sewers and quilters developed a program to teach children to sew with little cost to families and with support and commitment from the sewing community.

At every step taken in developing the program that Marilyn first envisioned at QuiltWorks, the organizers focused on the idea that “this needs to be easy so another shop can adopt it.”  The STM program has been developed into a package, supported by a website, so other shops and entities can start their own programs and children across the country can learn to sew for free.

If you are interested in starting a team, please contact marilyn @ for current information.