Start a Team

Team Application Form

Please send your filled in Team Application plus a $150 check ($75 for introductory binder and $75 for annual fee) to the address listed on the form.

Annual fee

The annual fee of $75 is dedicated to help promote the program and support programs in place.  The fee also helps to defray the cost of an administrative assistant whose job is to support the program and help it grow.  Each year, the password for the Sew Teach Me™ website will change and upon payment of the annual fee, each team will have continued access to the site, its forms and all the updates for the program.

What You Need to Start a Team

A shop/organization that:

  • Makes a yearly commitment to the program
  • Provides a safe, comfortable classroom setting
  • Has a shelf/cupboard to store machines, tool caddies, project donations, etc.
  • Wall space for a promotional banner and/or a table with information, applications and mailing list


  • Core set of organizers
  • One person to synchronize organization shop events with STM events
  • Mentors (need to be recruited)


  • Pre-cut and package kits
  • Items for gift-basket fundraisers
  • Sewing machines
  • Fabric
  • Cash contributions

STM is designed to not be too taxing on the owners and employees of a shop or organization

As we developed the program we learned that if a number of people all did a little bit, we could provide free sewing lessons to a lot of students.