Sew Teach Me(TM) Sewing Sessions

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine

Most Sew Teach Me Teams have 4-5 sewing machines given or loaned to students to use. Although each machine is different all machines have enough similarities. Using the manual, in the first sewing sessions the student learns how the machine works, how to wind the bobbin, thread the machine, use the hand wheel, pedal, reverse and a variety of stitches. At the end of the session, with a personal name tag already made up, each student chooses a felt backing and ribbon so they have a name tag to wear during the Sew Teach Me sessions.

Make a Pillowcase

Making a pillowcase is the first real sewing projects students get to make. They get to choose from a variety of kits donated by our local sewing community. They learn to sew straight lines using different seam allowances. They also learn a nifty pillowcase technique known as the “burrito” or “hot dog” roll. All students leave with their own pillowcase. Sometimes, it takes more than one sewing session to complete the project

Make a Sewing Tool Caddy

The students will make a sewing or tool caddy again selecting from a variety of kits premade by our sewing community. They will learn about fusing an interfacing to the fabric, rounding corners using a plate, bowl or even a compass. They can decide what they want to use the caddy for and custom sew the pockets for their own use.

Make a Pillow Pal

The Pillow Pal is the students first chance to use a pattern designed by Sew Teach Me. The students will select a kit and in the pillow pal class, they’ll learn about tracing a pattern on their fabric. Drawing a face on the fabric, using stuffing and also a little bit of hand sewing to close the Pal up.

What Our Parents & Students Say

“The joy of seeing the look on the children’s faces when they’ve completed a project is overwhelming. I’ve taught many students and my granddaughter to sew, but this is extra special! Thank you Marilyn for having a dream and implementing it so we can share our love of sewing with those who might not get the chance. I’m proud to be a part of Sew Teach Me.”

Elaine, mentor

Mentoring my students was one of the most rewarding of my “home economics” training. I am looking forward to many more such rewarding experiences teaching this well thought out program.

Kim, mentor

It has been an absolute pleasure to teach Kinzey how to sew. Before our second lesson began, she was already setting up the bobbin and thread and ready to get to sewing. She is asking about making her own clothes some day and is very proud of her work, as she should be. She is a budding sewist!

Heidi, mentor

Nikki has been a phenomenal mentor to my daughters who have taken several classes through Sew Teach Me. My daughters loved creating the various fun projects and sewing lessons. The staff are welcoming, great and a safe place for our daughters to learn and sew. Thank you to all for the wonderful lessons, we love it and look forward to taking more classes!

Angie, mother

Ever since I “retired,” I’ve been searching for that little “niche” of what I can do to make a difference.  Thanks to Marilyn for envisioning Sew Teach Me and making it happen.  I love being a mentor and teaching young people to sew.  I’m hoping it will become someone’s  lifetime love of sewing because of the few hours I could share.

June, Mentor

My daughter Allie enjoyed her classeas both level 1 & 2. We had been looking for seing classes for her age. We were happy when this started. We hope to take more classes in the future. She has learned a lot and has had fun learning about sewing.

Stacy, mother

The intro to the sewing program was really fun and I enjoyed the projects I did, especially at no cost.

Lauren, student

Thank you so much for letting Suzanne and I do the Sew Teach Me program, it was so much fun and all of us students will have this skill forever. So thank you for taking your time and putting it towards this!

Amelia, student

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