Mentor Information

Mentor Application Form

Mentor Release and Waiver Form

The most important component to the Sew Teach Me program are the mentors. A mentor can be any adult with sewing skills who is interested in reaching out to students between the ages of 8 and 18. Mentors are usually matched with two students. Often the students are siblings, friends or new friends. Mentors and students are matched by mutually available times. A STM coordinator will set up the first match and both the parent and the mentor will have each other’s contact info. After the first sewing sessions the next sessions can be arranged and scheduled on the STM calendar that is available in the shop.

Sewing machines have been loaned or donated to the STM program. Each machine has a manual and a sewing caddy with basic sewing supplies and the tools for each individual machine. A variety of threads are available. Kits have been pre- cut and packaged so that before each session the mentor can select 2-3 for each student to select one. At the first session the mentor and the student will have a name tag and each student can sew their tag to a piece of felt and add a ribbon to wear around the neck. This allows the shop staff to know the children’s and mentors names.

To be a mentor you will:

  1. Be a competent sewer
  2. Fill out a mentor application
  3. Pay a fee for a background check so that parents and guardians of the students feel secure in the match
  4. Complete a Sew Teach Me mentor training
  5. Complete a Mentor Release and Waiver of Liability
  6. Be matched with students that fit the mentors available dates and times
  7. Be matched with students that are of the age with which the mentor is comfortable working
  8. Determine mutually agreed-upon dates and times for sessions that will work for the mentor, students and shop.
  9. Mentors will be responsible for writing their scheduled times on the STM calendar. The calendar will include times when matches cannot be made because of shop classes or events.
  10. Carry out at least 4 sessons with students, each session lasting up to 2 hours
  11. Will arrive at least 15 mintues before each scheduled session to set up sewing machine and materials for that session.

Ideally each mentor will work with 2 students at a time. Students are comfortable working with another student of a similar age or a sibling. But if the mentor is more comfortable working with just one student that is fine too. We would like the mentors, parents and students to plan their sessions so that the basic lessons are completed within two months. Each session will last for approximately 2 hours, sometimes less depending on the student’s schedules.

Sew Teach Me is designed so that the mentors and students can work independently of the shop. There is a STM cupboard that has everything the mentors need and this is explained during the mentor training. The shop is always happy to help if there is a problem but ideally mentors will be able to solve most issues.