Frequently Asked Questions

How do we find out how to start a new Team?

On the website, click on the “Teams” link on the left, then on “Start a Team.”

How can we find out if there is a Team in our area?

On the website, click on the “Teams” link on the left, then on “Team Lists.”

Is Sew Teach Me only for girls?

No.  Sew Teach Me is gender neutral and open to any child ages 8 to 18.

Can adults take Sew Teach Me classes?

No, but many quilt shops, sewing machine shops and continuing education programs offer beginning sewing to adults.

When do sessions start?

Mentors and students fill out an application and indicate the best days and times to have their sessions.  Matches are made based on mutually available times.

Can I get the Sew Teach Me lesson plans and teach my children myself?

Sew Teach Me is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization developed specifically as a community-based program for children, with the intent that children would be taught in a community-based environment with access to supplies and equipment.

After my child goes through Sew Teach Me, are there other classes s/he can take?  Yes.  Go to the “About Sew Teach Me” page on and click on “Sew Teach Me Two.”  STM Two provides more projects to learn, after a child has gone through the first program. 

Does it cost money to start a Sew Teach Me program?

Yes.  The “Teams” page on the website describes the costs.

Do mentors have to have a background check?

Yes.  All parents and families need to know their children are in safe hands.

I want to help but I am not in a position to be a mentor or an organizer right now.  What else can I do?

Every Team needs donors to precut and prepackage the kits the youth are sewing for their projects.  Donating your fabric and time is a great help.  Look for the Donation Request Form on the website for exact specifications for the kits.  A new Team also needs help with raising funds to get started and providing funds or a raffle basket is an important contribution to the program.